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[10 Nov 2004|11:37pm]

Disturbing reports of problems with electronic voting machines have surfaced.

For example:

In Columbus, Ohio, an electronic voting system reported that Bush received 4,258 votes while Kerry received 260 votes in a precinct where records show only 638 voters cast ballots;
In North Carolina, a machine lost more than 4,500 votes due to a mistaken assumption about the memory capacity of a computer;
In Youngstown, Ohio, and South Florida, numerous voters complained that when they tried to cast votes for Kerry, the machines instead recorded their votes for Bush.
All in all, more than 30,000 complaints have been gathered from across the country. In the midst of such turmoil, it's crucial that an independent authoritative investigation be undertaken to sort this all out.

check out http://www.actforchange.com for more info!
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[27 Apr 2004|12:47am]

just got back from the against me! show in detroit.

i missed the first bands, but against me! rocked the motherfucking house. they played almost all the essentials, ending with we break all the rules. the only one i really missed was cavalier eternal and 35%.

i'm freaking tired, but i'm printing some of the b/w pics i took tommorow, so they'll be up whenever i get to a scanner.
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x-posted BECAUSE I CAN. [18 Apr 2004|12:24pm]
For those of you that went to Skate and Surf yesterday: how many of you were disappointed with Against Me!'s set? I don't blame them. First off, the crowd SUCKED. There were maybe, oh, ten people in the crowd who were there because they actually loved AM! and sang along to every word, as opposed to the rest of the kids who were just there for bragging rights ["OMGZ I SAW AGAINST MEEEERHGFFDHGFHHJ PUNK RAWK YO"]. and, the stupid hardcore kids fucking opened a pit and started two-stepping. -shoots self- Against Me! bullshitted their way through the set.. of course, they were amazing, but they were so sarcastic about it because they hate playing this event. They tried tricking the crowd by saying they'd play "Burn", but instead launched into "Those Anarcho Punx..". Their set was supposed to be a half hour long [what a joke; they played the MAIN STAGE], but even that was cut short.. I was talking to some chick from Ohio about this, and I really hope Against Me! doesn't play next year; it just isn't their thing.
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[15 Apr 2004|05:03pm]

The first time I heard Against Me! was at a show at the Crystal Ballroom. I was there to see Rise Against, and I'd never even heard of Against Me! before that day, but when they got on stage I was like "holy fuck who are these guys?!" and then went and got a tee because if I didn't have one, my heart would fucking explode. So anyway. Then a little more than a month ago, they were playing up in Seattle so I decided to get my friend Colton, and his friend Myk to go up and see them. Show started at about 7.00. We left at about 7.00. Takes two and a half hours to get there. We got there in time for the last fifteen minutes of their set, but it turns out they were sold out and we only got to hear about 30 seconds of a song- just long enough to have the lady at the front tell us it was sold out. And you know what? It was fuckin worth it.

Those are the only times I've seen'em live, but hopefully that'll change.
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[13 Apr 2004|11:25pm]

Against Me is a very sweetass band!
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y'all don't wanna step to dis! [13 Apr 2004|09:37pm]
i fucking love against me!, and i want their children.

i'm seeing them for my second time on saturday. i hope they tour some more this year..
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[13 Apr 2004|04:42pm]

fo sho, first one to write herr..... love against me.... tons of love...

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